Wee Oooo,

This picture  shows our Facebook page in September 2014, at this point we only had 1 like (which was one of the founders lol).  We also had no idea of what kind of material we would be posting or whether people would even respond to it, truthfully it was scary experience. Neither of us founders knew how to even use any social media platform, in fact, one of the founders didn’t even have a Facebook account.

However We understood the importance of getting your business out there and in this day social media was simply the most cost efficient (free) and efficient (fast) way to do it. Today, the corperlife™ Facebook page is at 3,600+ likes (whoop whoop) and we are thankful to all those who have gotten us to this point.

For all of you corpers who are getting their start-ups online and on social media for the first time, here is some advice for you:

  1.  Know why you do it… and it can’t be about money because money is simply a tool. A carpenter doesn’t get excited about a hammer, the excitement is in what can be built with it. Picking a cause that is beyond you will It will keep you motivated and the fire burning in your team long after you start making money.
  2. You are going to mess up. Its part of growing a company. If you are not messing up, it simply means you are not trying anything new. Just get online and post whatever comes to mind.
  3. Focus on Design,
  4. Make the big mistakes early. Its better to pay a ₦2000 mistake now  and learn from it, than pay ₦20,000,000 for the same mistake later. So do all the crazy stuff while you are still a startup.
  5. Fear and anxiety is natural. Even after 3600+ likes on Facebook and 650+ profiles created on corplerlife,  we still feel fear and anxiety everyday.  The important thing is to not get immobilised by it. Just keep  pushing forward and implementing.
  6. Don’t do long term planning. Things change all the time and “shit happens”. So we recommend planing for short term and just setting goals for longer term.
  7. Never Ever Ever pay for subscribers or likes or ask people to follow you. It is better to have 10 real people that really like you than 1000 people/robots who don’t care about your brand.

Corperlife is still a pretty young company with lots more things to learn we fell free to get in touch with us on our social media or forums if you are want to learn from  or teach us something new