Weeee Ooooo,

Batch A 2016

Here are some essential tips to help you enjoy orientation camp

  1. Use the Corperlife orientation camp checklist to know exactly what to bring to camp.
  2. Take a chill pill first day, there is no point hustling in line and getting into arguments for kits; they never run out. Plus, you can rock your normal clothes for at least the first two days while waiting for lines to die down.
  3. Lower your expectations (if they’re not already low enough), and you might be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Mami market is your friend. Everything you need can be found here. It’s also a great place to meet new people.
  5. Do not carry a laptop! You won’t get to use it. Take only your smartphone and make sure you have a data plan on it.
  6. Bathrooms are cleaned on a daily basis, if you time it right, you will get to use a clean bathroom.
  7. Use a hanger to keep your towel off dirty surfaces while taking a shower.
  8. Don’t use the white government issued shoes, buy a pair of rubber shoes in Mami, they are very easy to keep white.
  9. Don’t vex the soldiers. They are always better friends than enemies. In fact buy them a drink in Mami market every now and then. You might need a favour one day.
  10. If you want to escape the marching parade, find out about special groups early and join them. Groups like red cross, and OBS (Orientation Broadcasting service)
  11. You don’t have to bring too much money, things are pretty cheap in camp so 12,000 Naira should be enough. There are ATM machines (Lagos and Abuja confirmed) so bring an ATM Card.
  12. This is the time to add some solid connections to your network! So get out of your comfort zone and meet many people.
  13. Store new contacts on your phone with the tag NYSC-camp so that you remember where you met.(Ibiso vs Ibiso NYSC camp)
  14. Take lots of photos.
  15. Write your Call-up number on all your clothes so they don’t get mixed up when you take them to the many campus washing services.
  16. If you happen to lose something, there is a good chance a “good Samaritan” as picked it up and given it to OBS.
  17. Check out the SAED (Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development) programs when they get to camp, see if any interest you.(if available)
  18. Bring a pack of handkerchiefs to protect your white shorts when you have to sit on parade ground.
  19. Make sure to get information about your Allowee Bank, so you can get paid during the year.
  20. The first Allowance(Allowee) is given in camp, so don’t miss it!
  21. Make sure you sign the Book of Life before leaving camp if you don’t, passing out will be difficult.
  22. Trust your instincts when it comes to food. If you are not sure about it don’t put it in your mouth.
  23. From a relationship and stick to certain service providers in Mami, they might show appreciation for your loyalty
  24. Get a friend to help you take pictures during your Man-O-War training. It is the most action packed time in camp. You will be dressed in full kit, and looking rugged like a true corper.
  25. Do not laminate your call-up letter, Officials might have to sign it.
  26. Make sure your hair is easy to maintain and is comfortable under the sun.
  27. People rarely get the right sized kit. Quickly find someone to trade with and hopefully meet a new person in the process.
  28. There are religious groups on camps that you can join so don’t fear losing faith.
  29. Never ever, ever, lose your cap! Write your name/ID in it.
  30. There are places to charge your phones in Mami, they will tag your phone so it doesn’t get stolen.
  31. There will be doctors/pharmacists that offer free health care services/drugs to corpers
  32. Nobody tries to keep you in camp, if you are really sick and not enjoying it, then go home.
  33. Companies give out a lot of free stuff to corpers, so keep your eyes and ears open for camp awoof (deals).
  34. Upgrade your experience by reaching out to other corpers using the CorperlifeTM forums
  35. Have fun, participate in activities and make friends. Remember, your experience is your own creation.

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