Can’t you stop this trash called NYSCA fellow Corper

Apart from giving all Nigerian graduates some form of work experience and paying a monthly stipend,  the NYSC program allows recent graduates to get a taste of the real world and figure out how to adjust and position themselves well for it.  This is an opportunity not found in many other countries around the world. The problem is corpers don’t realise they have it till it’s too late.

corpers soon find their treasured allowee, is actually very temporary.

During the year,  corpers need to fully understand that allowee is temporary and figure out what needs to be done to sustain/improve their standard of living. A couple of options corpers  explore are:

  1. Starting a business
  2. Securing a job
  3. Furthering their education.
  4. Complain about NYSC

As you have noticed, one of the options is to “complain about NYSC”. Some corpers spend all the potential of that year complaining about the program and saying it should be scrapped because it is a waste of time and government funds.

Its easy to  just scrap programs and start building something new cause we think it is the best way out of the situation.  Usually  the next thing we build is either half finished our also struggles and we are back in the same situation… considering scrapping it.

 Sometimes things just need to get fixed

Not only  do we believe that NYSC is useful, we believe it might actually be the most important government run program. And we must applaud the government in recent times for making an effort to improve the program.

The Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalong, said

“Apart from the basic orientation programme, the NYSC scheme should also move into including professional and enterprising programmes to support and motivate those who would not want to embrace public services in the country.

“After the mandatory one-year service, the Federal Government is planning an extension, to professionally train interested corps members in skill acquisition, enterprising and professional programmes.

“Corps members with keen interest would be retained and some financial token given to them as start-up capital in furtherance of their skill. This is because due to our research, we find out that people abandon school due to uncertainty of the future. Hence, we believe this would help reduce the unemployed graduate ratio and curtail pressure on white-collar job as a means to win the war against poverty”, he further stated.

He said, “Nigeria did not plan to have the number of graduates in this present dispensation. If we had planned effectively, the concept of NYSC camping would have started with a permanent and effective structure.

“The visionaries of the scheme did not anticipate the lifespan of the scheme after the Civil War; the implementation of the scheme was a strategy to mobilise and integrate Nigerians together, hence, the huge number of graduates each year has put much pressure on the facilities, calling for constant renovation and upgrading,” the minister said.

Guys, (especially incoming corpers) the NYSC year is really what you make of it. It is going to be fun at some point but don’t forget that the true goal is to ensure you come out of it a stronger, more educated Nigerian, ready to take on the world.

So don’t complain and procrastinate, spend you NYSC year becoming great!