Weeee Ooooo,

Don’t you just hate when you are on parade ground  and everyone else seems to know all the camp songs? we do! So the corperlife™ team have done a little research and compiled a couple of camp songs so that everyone can participate and have fun.


We advise you print it out before you head to camp

NYSC Songbook (abridged)   


There are probably more songs out there, its even rumoured that the different camps have the different songs . We want to get all the those great/funny NYSC songs in the book. You can help us out.

Post any NYSC songs you know than haven’t been added to  the song book and what camp its from and we’ll add it to the book. Also feel free to point out any ones we made a mistake on.

If you feel we missed out something please post it as a comment below,

A lot of corpers haven’t gotten this yet so share this post and be a hero .

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