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So there has been a lot of noise about Lassa Fever lately and people are freaking out. It is spreading quickly and taken many lives.  People are wondering if Lassa Fever is the next ebola so we have done a bit of research to find out. Here is what you should know about Lassa fever:

What is it:- Its is a contagious viral disease spread by rodents and contact with fluids of infected persons. It was apparently first discovered in Nigeria in 1969!

Is it like Ebola:- NO it is not. Ebola spreads and  kills a lot faster than Lassa so patients  with Lassa fever are given a lot more time to get cured.  Although there is still no vaccination for it, there is a cure so there isn need to be afraid.

Where it is coming from:- It is spread by rodents (particularly Rats) through contamination of food or drink items. It can also be transmitted through infected human body fluids (So our medical corpers and care-takers need to be particularly careful)

What are the symptoms:- Symptoms vary  but include sore throat, constant headaches, vomiting and nausea (feeling like vomiting). The symptoms could take up to 21 days to show.

How do you stay safe:-  Stay away from rats, (Kill them before they kill you, this is war). Make sure your environment is clean and your food and drinks are covered. Make sure you stay clean and focus on personal hygiene (take regular showers using soap). Finally, make sure people suspected of having these symptoms are isolated, taken to the hospital and treated by a professional.

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