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I am OluwaSeyifunmi Meg Ricketts, CEO / Senior Partner of NYSC- CorperShop and this is my story of how I moved from being a small time seller to a very successful entrepreneur a few years later  and still growing.
Excellence is never a destination, it’s a journey DLA 2012.
I hope you get encouraged as you read it and go on to do great things. Please, do not ever despise days of little beginnings.
Erm, how do I start, ohk… CorperShop wasn’t my first entrance into the business world. It started few years back as an undergraduate, and I actually started with bread. Yes, you heard right Bread! Like seriously, Sliced Bread!
I remembered eating the bread, and because it tasted so good, I had to trace the address on the wrap all the way to Lekki, i applied to be a merchant, bought samples from the bakery, took the samples to selected stores on the mainland, got orders,   and that was it. I was in business.
I would pick up supplies from sandfield at Lekki, bring them all the way to the mainland,to supply to stores and  supermarkets. Fast-forward few months later,I was almost getting popular. But, I had to switched onto something else, reasons being, I didn’t have a car at the time so it was quite tough rounding up deliveries.
Most of my proceeds was going to the cabs used for deliveries. I had to re-think, it’s either I re-startegize or ‎i switch to something else.
‎Over the years, I have moved from selling bread to selling clothes ( fairly used clothes) to sleep wears and boxers, sandals, etc I  even tried my luck on MLM.
I saw business in almost everything and anything.
‎So, I continued selling, exploiting some of my ideas after ideas, until… boom !
CorperShop was a sudden idea. It came suddenly, as in – it just dropped on my mind!
I asked myself:-
– What if there was a store strictly for NYSC camp needs.
– What if PCM had a place they could go to, to get every
single things they need for camp?
So, I brooded over it, and kept brooding. I didn’t brood for too long, because with the help of the Holy Spirit, I planned and  launched the first phase.
Sometimes, all you need is the courage to take the first step. Dont worry too much about perfection, just start. … Seyifunmi.
I executed the first phase with 2015 PCM batch A. Did it sell? Yes, it completely sold out…  it was mind-blowing! I had never operated sales on that level before. I was very busy all through batch A, both streams 1 and 2.
I didn’t spend a dime on advertising, all I did was open a FB page for it, got a thread on nairaland, and I would crash Linda Ikea’s blog with my advert anytime I commented. Suddenly, people started adding me up, make enquiries and placing orders. I didn’t believe it.
I was getting orders from all over Nigeria. Abuja, Enugu, PH, Ilorin, Akure, Ibadan, Benue, Kogi, just to mention a few. It was almost becoming alarming. Lol.
I was surprised… Not by the few who refused to trust me with their money before delivery; I wasn’t surprised at them… I guess online scammers have made genuine sellers appear to be suspicious at first.
What surprised and amazed me were the scores of those who trusted me enough to pay before deliveries were made. I remember a guy from Enugu, he ordered for himself and his friends. 4 packs X 7500 and he paid before delivery!
I’m thankful that every single one of my customers  not only got their goods,  but they all loved their package and they all referred me.

God has really helped me so far. The internet and social media has been my most powerful tool.

I started CorperShop with practically nothing, I was a broke ass hustler. Lols.
‎Infact, I rolled out online adverts before getting actual goods. I can’t remember clearly now though, but I believe I used my first customer money to buy her orders for her, because the money i was expecting didn’t come as at when I expected it, I later got some cash and I invested in it.
To the glory of God, Late last year, I registered my business name,” School Shoppers Arena.
Thereby giving CorperShop the full license to operate .  My 4 major niches are
  1. Nysc CorperShop.
  2. Quality School shoes and trendy School bags.
  3. Children Career and Costume wears.
  4. Law students black and white.
Early 2016, I entered into partnership with a customer turned friend, because I believe if you want to go far, you go together‎. Together with someone credible of course.
Even though, we haven’t broken even yet, so far, it’s been profitable, well not without its own price… a huge price.
My Dreams?
… To be the first stop shop on every PCM mind. We don’t want to be the only one, that’s greedy. Its a blue ocean but we want to be the first.
… To also be the first on every parents mind when they want to shop for their children.
Parting words:
Business is for the fearless but hardwork pays.
Develop a thick skin, but an emphathising heart.
Be an eternal learner. Read, Read, and Read. But read relevant books.
Never give up, Never, because dreams come true.
Involve God. Only He can bring eternal profit
Thank you.
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Bbm channel : C00264533


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