Last week the Economist magazine put out an interesting article, titled Crude Tactics, that discusses the similarities between Buhari’s current responses to Nigeria’s problems, and his policies 30 years ago when last he was in power. Some of these  include refusing to devalue the Naira, banning imports, going on an anticorruption drive, etc. Check out the article if you have the time.

Click here to check out the Economist Article

The Economist also went as far as to blame a lot of Nigeria’s problems on the last president, Goodluck Jonathan, labelling him an “INEFFECTUAL BUFFOON” in the process.

Nigerians have have voiced their frustration over social media (see below).

What do you guys think?


Ineffectual buffon twitter response 1

Ineffectual buffon twitter response 3

Ineffectual buffon twitter response 2