This guy just took PHC, which is the liquid form of weed (aka Indian Hemp) and he goes crazy.

Did you think that video was funny? truth is, it was but there are a lot of people in our generation who are also being laughed at because of weed.

These drugs have a way of breaking peoples minds making it distort their reality. What they don’t realise is there is a point when the mind can’t fix itself anymore and stays broken. That is what has happened to a lot of the mad men/women you see on the streets, their minds are forever broken.

So be careful and really think twice about smoking weed and doing any other drug. If you ever find yourself in that situation, look around you and think “who do I want to be like here”. A lot of them will stay in the same places for years smoking the same weed.

If considering weed, also consider what it does to your future,  is it really worth it?